Magnetico lands in America thanks to the american department store “Neiman Marcus”

But why Neiman Marcus choose Magnetico?


Magnetico is the metallic lamp adaptable to every kind of metallic surface.

Remove Magnetico with a slight pressure and place it where you want, on every metallic surface.

Magnetico is appropriate for every kind of metallic surface but you can use it with all the accessories in our shop, like the shelf or the half ball.

All movable, all modifiable, in a new optical … magnetic!


But let’s find more about Neiman Marcus…

Neiman Marcus is one of the biggest american department store.

Founded in 1907, with 42 locations all around USA, has a real wide catalogue with a lot of luxury brand as Dolce e Gabbana, Chanel, Gucci, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren…. and from today Magnetico too!

A real important goal reached by our company.

A huge thanks to Kim, Novella and Eleonora that have helped us in this adventure.